Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I was having trouble motivating myself this afternoon. Some things that I know about myself when creating:
1. I can't make the same thing twice. When I try, bad things happen.
2. When I feel truly compelled to create a specific item, I typically execute one perfect example of it before succumbing to 1 (see above). Having attained the desired result, I lose the compulsion.
3. Despite these truths, I repeatedly attempt to create more than one of a given item. I can trick myself by using different colours and different hardware, but then it's not an exact replicate so it doesn't count.
Today's issue comes from my determination to make half a dozen CarryAll bags before the end of the month. I was at least going to aim for similar size and shape, and I would REALLY like to have a few classic black bags for those less adventurous no avail. I couldn't work up the enthusiasm for the black bag until I came up with the idea of having different coloured pockets around the outside. The bag I always carry is black, with black pockets (see photo above - each pocket is a different style or shape, or has a different closure). I sometimes have to search in multiple pockets for what I want because I can't remember which black pocket I put it imagine if there were four or five different coloured pockets! Keys in green, lipgloss in pink, business cards in blue...and just like that, I was off the couch and back at The Machine.

Of course, that means only one person will get a CarryAll with rainbow pockets, and then I have to come up with another new idea. My hope is that I will never run out of ideas, because as long as I know I haven't done everything, I'll be able to motivate myself to continue to create and improve my craft.

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