Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pulling the rabbit out of the hat

There's no actual hat, of course, but there was some rabbit involved. Finally finished the custom black rabbit muff and have sent the last photo to my customer for approval; I don't know if she'll be as enamored as I am with the neck strap (a featurethat I don't usually add, preferring the hidden wrist strap), which I fashioned from a strand of pompoms from one of those scarves made of rows of furballs. It takes a certain kind of person to wear a muff in the first place, but a muff on a strand of pompoms might be a little over-the-top...so we'll see how she feels. If she's not feeling quite up to the pompom challenge, I'll pick up some nylon/silk cording and go the more classic route.
So now that I've finished (unofficially) that order, I'm picking up where I left off with the lap quilts - I was going to churn out a couple of persian lamb bucket bags but broke the last of my machine needles and am going to have to wait til tomorrow to pick up another pack. I should probably find a wholesale source for needles.
The quilts I hand-stitch while sitting comfortably in my Ikea chair, by my nice big windows that offer plenty of sunshine. This is still an exciting novelty for me, after living in an apartment for two years where my only windows faced an alleyway and received no direct sunlight, ever. It wasn't good. Although I seem to recall getting a lot of work done, because I never knew what time it was. Anyway, this apartment is perfect for my needs. There are piles and baskets of fur and leather fabric all over the "work area" and the rest of the apartment is a craft-free zone. My only complaint is carpeting - there's a lot of vaccuuming involved. When I had only hardwoods, I'd wait til all the fur collected itself into a woolly mammoth in a corner or under a chair, then snork it up with the dustbuster; alas, here I require a real machine with a beater bar. Something about a vaccum with a beater bar makes me feel like a grown-up...

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