Monday, August 16, 2010

re:Furbished is Moving!!

I'm very excited to announce the re-location of my life and my business, to the picturesque little town of Waterford, Ontario. It's my hometown, and I'm really looking forward to the move. I'll finally have a whole room for my workspace (instead of the corner of my living room) and a display area. I've also been asked by more than one businessperson if I'd like to display my wares in their stores, and I have two pre-Christmas shows lined up. I need to update my Etsy shop but I won't be able to do my next photo shoot until the end of September - I may have to improvise as a short-term solution just to get my stuff back up on the site. Before you know it, people will be buying for fall and winter and I need to be ready! I finally completed a very large order for a customer in Chicago, and am shipping it out today. The customer sent three coats and a collar, and I made two headbands, one trapper hat, a pair of boot toppers, two bags, and a throw.

So now, of course in the middle of packing, I can't get any work done and it makes me that much more anxious about getting back to it. It's going to be a really busy fall and I'm praying for a beautiful snowy winter this year, which will inspire people to wear more furry accessories!
PS I tried to post images of ALL the items but blogger is being a piece of crap today so it's just not working. I'll try again later.