Monday, November 9, 2009

Flower Power - custom book bag

One of my loyal customers is a friend at work - I made a custom patchwork carryall for her a couple of months ago, she purchased a smaller bag last month, placed an order for a fur throw for her aunt who is in a wheelchair, and has requested a custom book bag for her twelve-year-old grand-daughter. When I make a custom bag as a gift, I like to get an idea of the recipient's personality as well as physical attributes - I don't want to make a huge bag for a petite girl, or a small bag for someone with a larger frame. For personality, I need to know if we're talking ponies and fairies or skulls and crossbones, primaries or pastels, funky or subtle. In this case, the request is for a large cross-body book bag for a willowy 5'6ish girly-girl. I suggested a black patchwork with flowers scattered on one side - cute cartoony ones that look like bathtub grippy flowers. The idea met with a resounding YES! and I've cut out the flowers so I can start stitching them on tomorrow. When I add an applique I don't use the machine. I know I could, but I find it meditative to sit in my comfortable chair and stitch. I feel the same way about putting together the fur quilts - yes, it takes time, but it feels right doing it that way.
I think I might put one giant flower on the other side but I haven't come to an official decision. Of course my hope is that this will become a Favouritest Bag EVER, and that it will last through adolescence - in which case, maybe the flowers should only be on one side so there's a plain black side to face out. But then again, by then she'll be old enough to buy her own handbags...

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