Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wallets and Grommets

Okay, I don't really make wallets but it makes for a funnier title. The real subject is grommets, and how I ran out of my favourite ones this afternoon when I was just on the verge of finishing a bag. I have some kind of OCD that won't allow me to start on the next piece until I finish the last one, unless I can trick myself into forgetting about the first one. I obsessed about the grommets and turned my workspace upside down in a vain attempt to find just one more that had perhaps fallen on the no avail. My usual source for hardware is Len's Mill Store, very close to my work at Hamilton Food Share but a 20 minute drive from home - so not worth the gas to drive there on a non-work day. Disgruntled, but refusing to write the entire day off as unproductive, I forced myself to put the bag aside and finished a different bag that could be completed with my second-favourite grommets.
I then consoled myself by cleaning the entire apartment, going grocery shopping, visiting the library, and watching a DVD about Broadway musicals while eating pizza and garlic bread.
I've decided against doing the Christmas show at the home in Westdale - the jeweler and I concurred that there were too many things about the show that were a concern, and there are a lot of more suitable opportunities for me to peddle my wares. I'm going to join her for a weekend in Port Dover at the end of November, so that's definitely something to look forward to. And I feel a little less pressured knowing that my next show is in three weeks, not two.
Tomorrow I have a singing gig in the afternoon, a performance of the Faure Requiem. I should have time after that to put together my next bag - I'd like to have half a dozen CarryAll bags done by the end of the week. I'm most productive when I examine my calendar to see what my time constraints are, and then set a goal of a specific and attainable quantity by a definite date.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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