Thursday, February 25, 2010

blog negligence

i'm sure anyone would agree that being productive and working is a better use of time than blogging - but really, how did almost two months pass since my last post? i was in a creative frenzy preparing for the wine and cheese on february 7th, which was a fun event but not very profitable. i scored a few contacts and a couple of custom orders, made some friends, drank some wine and ate some cheese. by all accounts it was a lovely evening - and now i have a nice pile of product in my trunk, ready for the next event.
the next event is a private show at the home in mount hope (just outside of hamilton). it's a ladies night, a regular event hosted by the accountant at my work. she's just settling the date so i'll know soon if i have one more week to crank out a few more bags, or two. and THEN it's time to roll out my spring ad campaign. i met with my photographer today and discussed concept and location - i've been getting over-excited and not sleeping again, with all the plans and ideas rampaging through my head. i love the change of seasons so much, it's a fresh start that renews my interest in my work.
meanwhile the weather is playing games - it's been a very mild winter but we're getting a bit of snow now, just enough to justify my snow tire purchase in december. charlie LOVES the snow and his enthusiasm is infectious, i admit. i've never particularly enjoyed the winter, but i've developed a knack for bundling up properly, and a gift for simply appreciating the beauty of the season rather than just seeing the inconvenience.
besides which, it's hard to sell fur items when it's not cold out.

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